According to Remodeling Magazine survey, the average kitchen remodel in the Northeast costs $21,962 for a minor remodel and $59,016 for a mid-range to major renovation. An upscale major kitchen renovation can cost between $75,000-$100,000. These estimates all include cabinets, counters, floors, appliances, labor, and plumbing products appropriate to each remodel level.
Jobs vary according to complexity. On average, most projects take 3-4 weeks.
Yes, but you will find the savings may not be worth your time.
Maybe. It will depend on the condition of the sink and faucet when they are removed. It is wise to budget for a new sink and faucet to cover that contingency.
Not Just Kitchens can handle the total project. We use a combination of employees and subcontractors to do the work. All subcontractors are supervised by Not Just Kitchens to assure quality performance.
Yes, however, it will be your responsibility to schedule his work time. If he does not complete his work in compliance with our schedule, you may encounter delays.
Yes, for most of the job.
No we don't. We don't believe refacing to be a good value.
Yes. We are "Not Just Kitchens"! That means we design for every room in the house. We can do bedrooms, libraries, fireplaces, bathrooms, offices, desk areas, laundries, and anything else you might want.
Yes. If you have a kitchen plan and would like to compare the price, we are happy to do this for free.
Call to make an appointment for us to meet with you in your home. We will gather the information needed to develop and computerize your plan.

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